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Diving Services

Blu Subsea owns and operates a large range of diving systems. These in-house designed and built systems are in compliance with international standards, certifying authority standards and IMCA design and operating guidelines.

Our system includes:


Inbuilt vessel diving systems.


Portable containerized Diving Systems with LARS.


Daughtercraft Diving Systems.


SRP - Scuba Replacement Systems.


Inspection of offshore/inshore structures and pipelines is one of the key services lines of our business. These operations can be undertaken by both divers and/or ROV's and include:

Repair & Maintenance:

Blu Subsea's repair and maintenance services fall directly in line with our inspections. Our experienced, multi-disciplined personnel are trained to conduct repair and maintenance works on-site allowing our clients to ensure their assets are fully operational, without the need to mobilise additional work teams.

Construction & Decommissioning:

Blu Subsea cover all service lines to make us the ideal partner for all construction, installation and deccommissioning requirements. With over 20 years of experience in this field, we cover the following disciplines.